Mashing Up Creation (2022 Edition)

1. Backwater Dub (Purple Pineapple Mix) - 100th Monkey
2. Jah Weybridge - Adelphi
3. Five Six Dub - 23
4. Dubmarine - Blu
5. Pear Shaped Dub - The Blue Voice
6. Chillum Yoga - Lung Transplant
7. Unbelievers - Etherealites
8. Baba, We Love Dub So - Doof

Released June 2022

Gaudi - Sub Signals Vol.2

A1. Sound Tlakotli (Deadbeat Remix) - Sudden Reverb / Nahuatl Jaguar
A2. Transient Transmission (Adrian Sherwood's Delta B(0)=B Remix) - Pitch Black
A3. Say Cheese (Gaudi's Dubble Mozzarella Mix) - The Orb
A4. In My Head (Inside My Head Mix) - David Harrow
B1. The Astrogator (Sub Signals Mix) - SUBSET
B2. Afnaz (Dennis Bovell Dub Mix) - 3head
B3. Oh Tweak to Me (Gaudi Remix) - Groove Armada
B4. How the Jellyfish Jumped up the Mountain (Cosmic Trigger Remix) - Shpongle
C1. Passing Through - AUX25
C2. Cracks - Simm feat. Phelimuncasi
C3. Colour - Alpha Steppa
C4. Badman Skank - Radikal Guru
C5. Ethiolò Dub - Paolo Baldini Dubfiles
D1. Disciplined and Dignified - African Head Charge
D2. Cry Dubber - Gaudi feat. Steel Pulse
D3. Fly Higher Dub - 100th Monkey
D4. Dub Everyday (Gaudi's Sub Signals Remix) - Dub FX
D5. Where do Comets come From? - Phonolab feat. Bill Laswell

Released May 2022
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Dub FX - Dub Everyday (Gaudi's Sub Signals Remix)

1. Dub FX - Dub Everyday (Gaudi's Sub Signals Remix)

Released May 2022

Paolo Baldini Dubfiles - Ethiolò Dub

1. Ethiolò Dub - Paolo Baldini Dubfiles

Released April 2022

Pitch Black - Mixes + Mavericks

1. It's a Future Dub - Pitch Black
2. The Gods Must Be Crazy (Pitch Black's Hubristic Prayerformance Mix) - Youth and Gaudi
3. The End (Pitch Black's This Is the End of Suffering Remix) - Ink Project feat. Fifi Rong
4. Speech (Youth's Re-rub of epsilon-blue's Speechless Remix) - Pitch Black
5. Silver with a Cloud Lining (Pitch Black's Johnny Open The Door Remix) - Nick Woolfson
6. Praise Her, the Fire Keeper (Pitch Black's Mahuika Remix) - Desert Dwellers
7. Notting Pill (Live at Notting Hill Arts Club 2003) - Pitch Black
8. Calm After The Storm (Pitch Black's Exploded View) - Animat
9. Distanced (Pitch Black’s Light, the Fastest Thing We Know Remix) - Sudden Reverb
10. Sonic Portal (Pitch Black's Magnetospheric Multiscale remix) - Radioactive Man
11. G202 (Live at Rippon Festival 2000) - Pitch Black

Released March 2022
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