International Observer - Bat

1. I am Free
2. Kings and Queens
3. Dub All Night
4. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Dub
5. Mistaken Identity Dub

Released July 2021

Pitch Black - Futureproof

A1 The Gatherer
A2 Speech
B1 Soliton
B2 Melt
C1 The Gatherer (Live)
C2 They Are Among Us
D1 Altered State
D2 Alternate State

Released June 2021
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Tor.Ma in Dub - The Lost Chapters

1. The Colour from Space (Jedidiah Remix)
2. The Elder Gods (Vlastur Remix)
3. The Everything (IshDub Remix)
4. The Lighting (Continuum Remix)
5. Interlude (Among Aliens and Gods)(Deep Space Version)
6. The Waiting (Mexican Stepper Remix)
7. The Void (Bungalo Dub Remix)
8. The Dream Of Lucy (Paddy Free Dub)
9. The Dream Of Anaho (Kaya Project Remix)

Released May 2021

Paddy Free - In Dub II

1. Aftermath (Paddy Free Dub) - Kingfisha
2. One to Ten (Paddy Free Dub Version) - Native Soul Project
3. Korakora (Paddy Free Dub) - Nga Tae
4. The Dream of Lucy (Paddy Free Remix) - Tor.Ma in Dub
5. Kopatapata (Paddy Free Dub) - Nga Tae
6. Honey Tree 3 (Paddy Free Remix) - Max Maxwell
7. Condensor (Paddy Free Remix) - Deep Fried Dub
8. Te Hau Maru (Paddy Free Dub) - Nga Tae

Released April 2021

Misled Convoy - Translations II

1. Mafia (Dub Remix) - Misled Convoy x Uncle Fester On Acid feat. Bim Sherman
2. Transform (Misled Convoy Remix) - FreQ Nasty feat. Srikala and Luminahdi
3. Rude Mechanicals (Misled Convoy's 2020 ReRub) - Pitch Black
4. Let it Go (Misled Convoy's Let it Flow Remix) - Sandy Mill
5. Mr Selector (Misled Convoy's Waiting for your Sound Remix) - The Nomad
6. Shine (Misled Convoy's Luminosity 2020 ReRub) - Deep Fried Dub
7. TheBestOnes (Misled Convoy's Fragmentation remix) - Cardboard&Computers
8. Get a Grip (Misled Convoy's Don't Click on that Link Remix) - Feral Five

Released April 2021