Misled Convoy - Translations II

1. Mafia (Dub Remix) - Misled Convoy x Uncle Fester On Acid feat. Bim Sherman
2. Transform (Misled Convoy Remix) - FreQ Nasty feat. Srikala and Luminahdi
3. Rude Mechanicals (Misled Convoy's 2020 ReRub) - Pitch Black
4. Let it Go (Misled Convoy's Let it Flow Remix) - Sandy Mill
5. Mr Selector (Misled Convoy's Waiting for your Sound Remix) - The Nomad
6. Shine (Misled Convoy's Luminosity 2020 ReRub) - Deep Fried Dub
7. TheBestOnes (Misled Convoy's Fragmentation remix) - Cardboard&Computers
8. Get a Grip (Misled Convoy's Don't Click on that Link Remix) - Feral Five

Released April 2021